The story of an ADD , body dysmorphic , insecure, shopping addict Personal Stylist : Part 1



Do you know exactly what you unique style is? Do you dress to impress or to blend in? Do you feel like you have no idea how to look stylish? I have been there….

Defining your own unique style is the perfect place to begin. It’s a way to establish who you are and to understand your style. What is keeping you back from discovering your personal style?  Are you still stuck in the past with your style ? 

As a personal stylist  I have worked with women from all over the world, and here’s what I have learnt. You are an individual and your style cannot just be pinned down to one particular style type. You might think you are classic or edgy, but you might be attracted to so many different style types that your wardrobe looks like a circus costume wardrobe. At the end you are so confused that you have no idea what to wear and none of your garments work together and you end up frustrated. Despite having a wardrobe full of clothes, that “I have nothing to wear” cliche becomes your reality. 

What are the style obstacles holding you back from having great personal style?
This is the place to start when you want to perfect your style. Style goals and life goals (professional or personal) go hand in hand. How you look is just as important as what you have to say and what you have to offer.
Establishing your unique style starts with understanding what is holding you back from experimenting and working on your style. What keeps you back from changing your current style, even when you are frustrated and feel like you have no style ?  
Online you may find many impersonal style quizzes, but here is the thing : clicking a, b or c and having a computer progracalculating your results is not going to help you move away from your confused mishmash wardrobe.
I have worked on my own style and I know what works for me. What I look great in and just as importantly, what I feel comfortable in. But I had my own long, long journey… settle in, let me tell you my story:
As a model I was dressed by fashion stylists who made the decisions for me. This taught me nothing about my own style, but I did learn so much about style and fashion and the tips and tricks of these subjects. I spent more than a decade chasing fashion trends and copying others, and still not feeling like myself. When someone guessed my age, they would guess I was older because the style I copied was SO not suited to my age, body type, lifestyle or personality. I did not dress like myself, what flatters me and suits my lifestyleI was uncomfortable most of the time, even though I didn’t really realise I was constantly uncomfortable. It hit my self confidence so hard that I have struggled to regain that confidence and wasted so many years not accomplishing my many personal goals. It is incredible how your outer appearance can have such an influence on your inner-self!
Being beautiful on the inside helped to help others, but with cracked self-confidence I became a door mat for some, and people didn’t take me seriously because I didn’t take myself seriously. 
Once I discovered my passion and what I am truly good at, I still did not believe in myself.
Once I discovered my passion and what I am truly good at, I still did not believe in myself. Even with so much experience in the fashion industry, being trained and mentored by the best in New York, Paris, Milan and more… doing all kinds of courses and reading booksI should have had it all together right? But I didn’t, because of fear, or maybe imposters syndrome. You name it I had it.
I still didn’t really dress like myself because there seemed to be sooo many style rules. Which ones applied to me? Don’t wear black, wear black, don’t show your bra, it’s okay to show your bra, don’t wear print or frills, but print and frills are fashion… you get it. AARGH!
Even though I had great success with styling clients, I was still a bit lost and confused with my own style and insecurities. 
I had to pull myself together and work on myself.
I started at the beginning, asking myself some tough questions like:  
Why does it look like a chameleon threw up in my wardrobe? Prints and colours that I kept buying, never wore, and that did not compliment each other?
Why do I have nothing to wear in an overfull wardrobe ?
Why do I only ever wear 20% of the items in my wardrobe?
Why do I hang on to items I never wear, and why do I buy so irresponsibly ?
It was hard, but I came up with the answers. I was able to blend these insights with all my previous experience and learnings… and I have come up with 9 essential elements needed to create your ultimate style.
I am ready to share these 9 essential elements with you… and tell you the end of the story of how this previously insecure, shopaholic personal stylist found herself and designed the life she dreamed of. 

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