Why should I hire a personal stylist?

I have found that most of my clients hire me because they feel “useless” when it comes to style. There are many reasons to hire a professional to assist you in establishing and developing your style. My clients often go through lifestyle changes, divorce, have gained or lost weight, had a baby, or made a new career move. The styling journey is extremely fulfilling, refreshing, and fun. Allow me to guide you on this exciting new adventure! You’ll see a difference in all aspects of life.

How will I benefit from hiring a personal stylist?

It is a proven fact that we are more confident in life when we feel comfortable with our style. Hiring me will benefit you in several ways, including:

  • Learning how to shop responsibly to save money (short and long-term) and stop buying things that don’t suit you
  • The knowledge of what works for you as an individual
  • Learning what flatters your unique body type to build more confidence in yourself
  • The days of being frustrated over what to wear and having a closet full of clutter is over!

What can I expect?

Each person is unique in their experience. The common denominator is the fact that each client ends up with a fully-functioning wardrobe. I will help you choose outfits that can easily be mixed and matched so you’ll always have a polished look. I will teach you about the styles that suit your body type and how to flatter it. You will notice that shopping itself will become much easier!

I don’t enjoy shopping. Can we still work together?

You might not enjoy shopping because you have no idea what to buy, how to shop responsibly, or which style suits your personality and body type best. Together, we will take on the shopping journey and you will learn exactly how to shop. If shopping is absolutely not your thing or you don’t have time for it, you can leave it up to me – I love it!

Will you do my colour chart?

I don’t do colour charts simply because most of my clients already know what colours suit them and what their tastes are. The colour that suits you is often the colour you dislike. You don’t want to wear a certain colour just because your colour chart says it’s your colour, when you actually feel uncomfortable wearing it. That is when you’ll buy clothes you end up never wearing

Can you work with a small budget?

Absolutely! My job is to find the solution to your wardrobe needs and I will make sure you have an amazing wardrobe at any budget. This can be discussed in further detail when you have your free phone consultation.

Do I really need to spend so much on a stylist?

If you’ve read this far and feel that you really need styling help, then yes. As mentioned before, I work around budgets! Spending money on bettering yourself and your self-confidence is never money wasted. Together, we will go on a journey to work on your appearance and style.

Should I lose weight before hiring you?

You can look fabulous regardless of your size. I have the knowledge and expertise needed to help you look and feel amazing in your current body.

Will people think I’m ridiculous for changing my style?

It is perfectly normal to change your style as you evolve as a person. Changing your style with a professional is just another way of bettering yourself and your self-confidence. Taking care of yourself is nothing to be ashamed of.

Will my look change drastically? Will I feel uncomfortable afterwards?

Absolutely not! The whole idea of my process is to establish and grow your style. We will work together and figure out what suits your body type, lifestyle, and personality. Together, we will discover what makes you feel comfortable whilst being stylish.

Where are you based?

’m in Zurich, Switzerland. I mostly perform 1:1 styling in my area of business. However, if you live in other parts of Switzerland, contact me and we’ll discuss how we can make it work.

Who is your typical client?

Every person is different, meaning I have no set “type” of client. They all have different backgrounds and budgets. My passion lies in finding solutions to styling preparation and processes according to the needs of each individual client.

Can I bring a friend, family member or husband ?

It would be much more beneficial if it’s just the two of us, eliminating distractions and promoting productivity.

How do Payments work?

Both cash and bank transfers are welcome. I require a 50% upfront booking deposit to secure your booking, of which the full amount will be due 14 days after my services are fulfilled. 

How often will I need a personal stylist?

That is entirely up to you. My personal recommendation would be twice a year, which is why I created the Annual Wardrobe Spruce Package.

What are your clients’ average budgets?

Each client is unique, which is why it is difficult to establish an average budget. We will work around your budget to achieve your style goals.

What makes you an expert at shopping?

I have specific methods of identifying which styles suit different body types and personalities. I make use of these methods when working with my clients. I also have visual merchandising education, which enables me to know exactly what stores do to increase their sales. Stores often influence customers to think they’ll look great in a specific outfit, when in fact, it doesn’t suit them at all. I eliminate your chances of wasting money on things you’ll simply never wear.

Why don’t you have a portfolio on your website?

The idea behind “personal” styling is that it is personal. Instead of displaying their faces all over the web, I prefer adding my clients testimonials so others can read what my services are about – without exposing my clients’ personal experiences. Curating a style is a private experience that shouldn’t be flaunted by anyone but you.

What is your cancellation policy?

I require one full week’s notice before the appointment date for all cancellations.