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Personal stylist Nadia Hartzer
About Me

Discover your unique style & reach your full potential

Nadia Hartzer started her career in personal styling in 2015. Her passion for the fashion industry changed her course from being a model to learning all about personal styling.
Having gone on her own style journey she understands the anxiety and frustration of making wardrobe choices every day and never feeling good or stylish enough.

Trained in New York City by experts in the styling industry & with her training as a visual merchandiser, Nadia has created a method that ensures you look amazing each day in your unique way while still feeling like yourself and shopping responsibly.

Since then, she has helped many women to discover and love their style and feel confident.
Nadia attends Fashion Weeks in Milan & Paris twice a year and gets to see many of the by-invitation only runway shows.
Staying on top of fashion has always been a big part of her life.
"I love the look in a woman’s eyes when she knows she looks good. She walks with confidence and carries herself with a self-assured presence that puts others at ease and allows her to be fully present in the moment. It is much more than the clothes we wear, but I've found that to be a great starting point.”

Nadia Completed her Masters in Fashion & Design Management in November 2021 passing with Merit. Currently, she freelances for fashion & lifestyle Magazine FACES as a fashion editor.

Nadia hartzer personal stylist
why me?

Because Style Matters

Discovering your personal style can transform the way you feel about yourself. Look your best to feel your best. That’s why it’s worth it.