Wardrobe Analysis & Detox

Statistics show we wear a mere 20% of our clothes. And the other 80%? These are often “buyer’s remorse” clothes with the tags still on them, garments that don’t fit anymore, old shirts, or outfits that we simply haven’t worn in years. If you relate to these statistics, it’s time for a wardrobe detox!


The goal of this exercise is to evaluate and edit your closet and help you to establish what stays and what goes. You get to decide which clothes work for you, and what’s just taking up unnecessary space. Unwanted clutter can make the dressing process frustrating and messy. My job is to rid you of the accumulated clutter in your closet.


This package includes:

  • A 30-minute FREE zoom consultation: We’ll get to know each other and discuss exactly what you need.
  • Pre-styling homework:I will give you some homework to do before I do my research into the best look for you that compliments your body type, and suits your personality.
  • Wardrobe evaluation at home: The process of establishing what you have and what we need to shop for. The result? A well-functioning wardrobe.
  • Body Type Analysis: I will help you establish your body type & give you tips on how to dress for your body type.
  • A 3-hour private fitting & showing you how to work with what you have: At your home!
  • Personalised style profile: This will guide you to make appropriate wardrobe decisions and shop more responsibly in the future.
  • Closet cleanse: We will get rid of all the clothes you don’t need and never wear or that does not suit you.