Annual Wardrobe Spruce

This annual service take place six months apart. I am at your service to spruce up and update your wardrobe with the latest and best styles. A combination of my popular Wardrobe Detox and Personal Shopping session is incorporated in this twice a year seasonal spruce-up. We’ll start with your current wardrobe for the particular season and evaluate exactly which clothes are right for you or not. Afterwards, we’ll go on a shopping spree, fill the gaps, and update what you already own.


This package includes:

    • A 30-minute FREE zoom consultation: We’ll get to know each other and discuss exactly what you need.
    • 2 x Pre-styling homework: I will give you some homework to do before I do my research into the best look for you that compliments your body type, and suits your personality.
    • 2 x Wardrobe evaluation at home: The process of establishing what you have and what we need to shop for. The result? A well-functioning wardrobe.
    • Body Type Analysis: I will help you establish your body type & give you tips on how to dress for your body type.
    • 2 x a personalised shopping capsule: I’ll mail the capsule to you which will include my suggestions. You have the freedom to make notes and guide me when finding the perfect outfits that suit you.
    • 2 x Shopping list: I will make a list of everything you need to complete your current wardrobe.
    • 2 x a 3-hour personal shopping session, including:
      • A coffee consultation to start the day
      • Learn how to make the right clothing decisions for your body type and lifestyle
      • I will find whatever we couldn’t get on our shopping spree and bring it to you at a private fitting
    • 2 x a 3-hour private fitting: At your home!
    • 2 x Personalised style profile: This will guide you to make appropriate wardrobe decisions and shop more responsibly in the future.
    • 2 x Closet cleanse: We will get rid of all the clothes you don’t need and never wear.