By just implementing this one little stylist tip you will already improve your appearance significantly.

This tip really goes for any shirt or t- shirt or blouse. It also goes for all body types too.

Look at the images below. On the left I am wearing my T-shirt over my waistline, pulled down over my hips. On the right I have it tucked in a little at the front so my waistline is clear.

Do you spot the difference ?

The left image makes me look like Spongebob. Squarish, with no shape and short legs. At 1.74 cm I am not a short girl but pulling my t-shirt down like this makes me look short. (and apparently unhappy too) On the right a much happier me, with my shirt tucked in and my waist clearly defined. Defining your waist is the no. 1 style tip, no matter what your body type is. On the right you can see I have more shape. My legs look longer and my hips more flattering.

The most flattering shape is the hour-glass shape. Most of us don’t have it, but we can fake it with all these tricks. I always encourage wearing a belt, even just for show. That just for show could be the save you from being scouted as a body-double for the next Spongebob movie.

From Behind

Let’s look at the same scenario from behind. The big butt myth: if I pull my shirt over my bottom or wear an oversized top my bottom will look smaller. This is simply not the case. In reality you are making your bottom and your whole body look bigger. You are creating a very unflattering figure.

Look at the image on the left. I have no shape. My bottom looks bigger because my legs look shorter. My waist is not defined so I look sloppy and the whole outfit is very unflattering. On the right My waist is defined by just pulling my shirt up. It is not even tucked in. Just folded in a bit, but it makes a big difference. My legs look longer and my body has shape.

This applies to any outfit and any body type. No matter what you wear and how cheap or expensive your clothes are, if you don’t wear them correctly you will have a total outfit fail.

A big bottom is nothing to be ashamed off.

As long as you are healthy and taking care of yourself you have nothing to be ashamed of. For some it is just their body type and that is okay because that is something a stylist can work with to make it more flattering.

What about hiding an unflattering Tummy ?

By pulling your T-shirt down you will just see the rolls more clearly. The key for a bigger tummy is to wear a darker top and a top that is fitted but a little loose. Not oversized! Wear high rise pants that go over your tummy and then you can fake a waist at the smaller part where the rise ends.

T- shirts for the Big busted girl?

For a bigger bust it is usually better to stay away from a lot of detail on top. Rather go for a neutral v-neck t-shirt. But because stripy t-shirts are so popular and go with almost everything, it’s not the worst thing to wear some stripes when you are big busted. Important is just to wear it correctly.

Here is a trick for how to wear stripes when you are bigger on top.

It is simple… wear a stripy t- shirt that is fitted, but not tight. Find one that is cut to your body shape and not just in a square. Usually it is called “slim fit”. If you look at the images my t- shirt is cut to fit shape, but the t- shirt is loose. If I bought a size smaller it would fit tighter and show my figure more, but the fabric would be pulled tight over my chest and make the lines looked almost blurred. Wearing it a bit looser played down the size of my D cup. Also go for smaller, thinner stripes rather than big fat stripes. Big fat stripes accentuate your breasts so much that they seem like they have their own zip code.

Sparkles & bling on a T shirt?

NO! Unless you are 10 and your favourite toy is your pet unicorn. Don’t do sparkles. I have a sparkle Monaco t- shirt and it has sentimental value to me. But every time I wear it I realise how my chest seems to be performing in it’s own Las Vegas show. I am what I am.

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